Forest Chemical Review(SCOPUS Q4, EI Index-Journal )

International Journal of Health Sciences (ISSN:2550-6978E-ISSN:2550-696X)

Subject area: Nursing: General Nursing, Social Sciences: Education
Scopus coverage years: from 2021 to Present
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NeuroQuantology (PubMed, Scopus Q4, HEC Category Y)

Journal name: Journal of positive School psychology || ISSN: (2717-7564)

Subject area: Psychology: Developmental and Educational Psychology: Social Psychology Social Sciences: Education, History, Economics Management, Arts and Humanities
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Scopus coverage years: from 2020 to Present
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International Journal of Mechanical Engineering | ISSN: 0974-5823

Indexing: Scopus Q4
Subject area: (Multidisciplinary)
Scopus coverage years:from 2019 to Present
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Journal of Language and Linguistic Studies |SCOPUS Q2|E-ISSN:1305-578X

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Subject area: Arts and Humanities: Language and Linguistics Social Sciences: Linguistics and Language Social Sciences: Education
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 Journal of Positive Psychology and Wellbeing | Scopus Q2| ISSN: 2587-0130 (Online)

SUBJECT AREA AND CATEGORY: (Multidisciplinary) Psychology, Applied Psychology, Social Psychology, Social Sciences, Education, Life-span and Life-course Studies, History, Economics Management, Arts and Humanities
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Acceptance 3-4 days | Publication in 15-30 days
All article accepted
Publication 100%
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International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education

Scopus coverage years:from 2009 to Present

(Scopus-Q4,  Web of Science (ESCI)

Publisher:International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education


Subject area: Social Sciences: Education Psychology: Developmental and Educational Psychology

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Journal of medicine and life Online | ISSN: 1844-3109 & 1844-122X (Code:RK)

Journal website:
Acceptance: 15 days Publication: 45 days
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Sport TK | Open Access | ISSN:2254-4070 & E-ISSN:2340-8812

Publisher:Universidad de Murcia
Subject area: Health Professions: Occupational Therapy Health Professions: Physical Therapy, Sports Therapy and RehabilitationSocial Sciences: Education Medicine: Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine
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Annals of Biology | Scopus Q4 | Indexed in Clarative analysis

Acceptance within 2 weeks 
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Online Journal of Animal and Feed Research |Q4| E-ISSN: 2228-7701

Subject area: Veterinary: General Veterinary Environmental Science: Ecology Agricultural and Biological Sciences: Food Science Agricultural and Biological Sciences: Animal Science and Zoology
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Journal of HerbMed Pharmacology | E-ISSN: 2345-5004
Subject area: Pharmacology, Toxicology and Pharmaceutics: Drug Discovery Herbal medicine
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Journal of the Nigerian Society of Physical Sciences

Scopus indexed :
Accept in 2 weeks | Publish in 30 days
Fields: Mathematical - Computer - Technical - Engineering , Chemical, Environment etc.
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Teikyo Medical Journal

SJR - Q4
Subject area: Medicine: General Medicine
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